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Assalaamu aleikum, I have always been very pleased with the quality of products. I have ordered both jilbabs and abayas in the past and this site stays my favourite for both alhamdulillah.
Publié par Kasia Amro


Asalamualaikum, service is great! Ships fast, very quick response from customer service, the people are very nice Masha'Allah. I lobe the dresses!
Publié par sm


I ordered 2 kind of two piece Jilbab wirth skirt. I am really satisfied with the jilbabs. they are beautiful. It was exactly my size, the material is very good. I can really highly recommend your jilbab
Publié par Esma, germany


I love the jilbaabs that you make . They fit perfectly and the material is of high quality
Publié par Salma Finland


Asalamualaikum! I have nothing but good to say with my service with u guys and this is with honesty wallah! The delivery was SO FASSTTTTT, the QUALITY WAS SPOT ON no loose threads, they are the PERFECT fit on me LITERALLY SubhanAllah as if it was made accordinf to my measurements! My friend was actually asking me the other day where I recommend to buy jilbabs I RIGHT AWAY said AKHAWAT! I am not trying to be nice but Alhamdulillah I had the best service ever with u guys! I ordered from N***** and just received it yesterday and just to say it's very bad quality and I'm regretting that I bought from them instead of u guys wallah. Khair In Shaa Allah naseeb. My dad fell in love with my jilbabs later asking me why I didn't get more in other colours too lol. Alhamdulillah. I really do appreciate everything JazakAllahu Khairun Wa Barik Allah Feekum
Publié par Faiza Canada


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