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Return and Refund

You can return an order within 14 days, please follow the following steps, any return that does not respect the return conditions will be refused.

Causes of refusal :

- Return without an agreement, out of time, product without a label
- Product in poor condition, stained, smelly, washed, all wrinkled
- Product not accompanied by the return slip

For products returned without their original box (Qamis,...), 2€ will be subtracted from the credit/refund

1/ First of all, obtain our authorisation

To do this please login to your account then :  

  1. Click on "retractation form" 
  2. Make your request and wait for our agreement

2/ You must join the return form

  1. Login to your account, go to my "My merchandise returns"
  2. click on "+" and print the return form (if you do not have a printer you can copy the information on a paper)

3/ The product

The product to be returned must be new and in perfect condition, undamaged, clean, not worn (or used), correctly folded with its label and in its original packaging.

4/ Return time and Return address

The product must be returned within 14 days counting from the date you received your order (shipping fees remain at your charge)

Please send the package to the following address, imperatively put the name "EL BOUKHARI" as recipient:

133 chemin de Lestang
31100 Toulouse

Or you can also send it to the following Pick-up point (if you send it to another pick-up point we won't be able to get it):

Name and address of Pick-up point : RESACOLIS Place Edouard Bouillères, 31100 Toulouse, France

Name of recipient : El boukhari Akhawat

e-mail address :

Refund :

If the return conditions are respected, we will proceed to a refund, a readjustment of your invoice might be necessary (partial return of products, conditions not met*, commercial discounts...). The sum owed will be refunded according to the original payment method, please note that all the delivery costs are in charge of the customer, and cannot be reimbursed.

For more details about the refund, please see our terms of use Article 7.

In all cases, if your return doesn't respect the above conditions, no refund can be made and the parcel will be returned to you upon your request, at your expense, or destroyed.